Into the Espanola Valley

On August 25, at the request of Orion Magazine, I did an 10 hour road trip into the Espanola Valley. They were looking for landscape, culture and religion.

It was a warm and clear day. I have not been out, alone, making photographs in a very long time. It was a pleasure. Just me, my camera, and some great music.

On my way from Albuquerque, I stopped in Santa Fe briefly, then headed up to Chimayo by way of Nambè. I wandered around the Santuario for about an hour or so and then headed out towards Espanola. By the strict orders of a good friend, I stopped by a roadside stand and had one of the best green chili, guacamole cheeseburgers I have ever had. Damn good! I even met a man with horizontal teeth.

After a little time roaming Espanola, I headed up to Abiquiu and Ghost Ranch. I continued to wander around the side roads and to check out some places I have never been to. The Rio Chama was beautiful from above. The two dogs were roaming out near the White Place. The Penitente in Abiquiu is in poor condition.

I even made it into the little town of Velarde. The light was gone before I knew it. But it was beautiful.

The ride home, with the windows down, was glorious. I stopped in Santa Fe for dinner with a friend. Got home happy but exhausted. A very good day.

These images are the first edit from the days work. Orion Magazine will be using four of them.